About Us

ICGPT.AI is the first GPT application in the electronic components industry, trained on OpenAI Fine-Tune technology, integrating optimized data from 1.58 million datasheets in PDF format and millions of web pages. Its key features include:

1. Professional AI question-and-answer technology, verified and corrected by industry experts.Our AI technology offers expert-level Q&A responses, drawing upon comprehensive knowledge from millions of datasheets and web pages. To ensure expert accuracy, industry professionals verify and correct our AI answers.

2. Direct dialogue with datasheet content.ICGPT.AI provides direct dialogue with datasheet content via conversation, allowing users to ask questions and receive expert responses on specific components or subsystems.

3. Direct dialogue with web pages.ICGPT.AI also facilitates direct dialogue with web pages, eliminating the need for users to leave the platform during research. This feature allows users to stay focused and maximize research efficiency by asking questions and receiving answers directly on web pages.

4. Communication and collaboration with industry professionals in the community. ICGPT.AI enables users to communicate with industry professionals within the platform, allowing for seamless collaboration, exchanging of ideas as well as building a network within the industry.

5. Inventory search. The platform of ICGPT.AI also offers inventory search capabilities to help users locate and source electronic components easily.

6. Efficiency enhancement tool with AI applications. ICGPT.AI provides AI-based tools which enhances work efficiency, such as readily available technical dictionaries, translation tools, and data analysis tools.